Welcome to Family Matters, A Principled Approach.

After 33 years practicing law, and several concentrating my practice in the area of Family Law and Divorce, a couple of truths have become known to me. One is that persons caught in the midst of divorce are in pain, and that lawyers can either help them manage that pain, or add to it. Another is that given the right information and advice, everyone can get through this difficult time with grace and dignity.

Divorce is complicated. It’s like negotiating a difficult business deal while sitting in a wind-tunnel.  You must keep your head about you to achieve the right outcome, while dealing with the noise of emotion and worry over your children’s future and your own. Good lawyering in this area requires the right blend of compassion and professional objectivity, and a strong knowledge in as many as ten discrete legal disciplines.

It is my hope through my new blog site and periodic printed bulletins to make a positive contribution to the important dialogue surrounding this area of law, including trends, changes, and challenges.


Steven A. Paquette, Esq.
Bousquet Holstein PLLC


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