Big Shift Pushed in Custody Disputes to Give Fathers More Control

I cannot believe we are still having this conversation in the year 2015. Debating whether or not kids need Dads as much as Moms. Wondering if only women can have the essential “mother’s touch” during the child’s “tender years”.

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal. I represent many wonderful parents, male and female. Most see the value in co-parenting. And once in a while, one parent is just not terribly fit. But more often, efforts to deprive one parent of time with the other is about pay-back and control. I ask the question “what circumstance requires that the children be deprived of time with one parent in favor if extra time with the other”. Often there is no good answer, no matter how “best interests” is dressed up.

As one psychology professor in the article put it, “If dad is subject to the typical ‘Wednesday dinner and every other weekend’ arrangement, ….he is basically reduced to an Uncle”.  Substitute the word “Dad and Uncle” with “Mom and Aunt” and the import is the same.

Big shift pushed in custody disputes to give fathers more control…read the article at the Wall Street Journal by clicking on this link: